Leap through the levels

Ballet from beginner to advanced

Read our journey through the Studios ballet class levels and get inspired to dance your way to the top.

Please note: all participants must be 18 years and above. 


Ballet Basics

Learn the fundamentals.

Get familiar with the barre and progress slowly into exercises in the centre of the room, helping you to improve your posture, coordination and strength.

365体育网址No prior experience necessary.


Strength and coordination.

You’ve mastered the Ballet Basics, so it's time to upskill in our Level One classes, which focus on developing your strength and coordination.


Focus on technique.

Now that your brain is full of ballet enchaînement, it’s time to work on technique. Level Two classes will develop correct body alignment, while continuing to build on your strength and coordination.


Dare to dance.

365体育网址Your form is focused. Your technique is tried and tested. Now you will be developing the musicality of your centre work, allowing you to develop the lyricism of your dancing. 


Learn the classics.

365体育网址Time to put all your hard-earned skills to work! Learn the famous steps and sequences from beloved ballets, like Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and Don Quixote. This class is an additional option for those booked into level two or three classes.